Webinar recording: How to get ready for a multicloud strategy. 

What are your plans to go to the cloud? Going to the cloud is easier than you might think. If you know what you want to achieve, build your plan for it and manage the plan closely, taking digital solutions to the cloud is actually piece of cake.

What is the right cloud strategy, and how to mix it in your overall digital strategy? What do I take to the cloud and what do I keep in a data center, and why?

There are many options and choices available to you and that might feel overwhelming. And that might make it look more complex than it actually is. At LCL, together with Equinix, we hosted a webinar on the 19th of May to help you get your organisation in the starting blocks and keep it on the right track of your cloud and multi cloud strategies.

In this webinar, we provide you with helpful insights on why you should and how you can start your cloud journey to optimise your organisation’s digital strategy. Not only will we provide a high level overview, we will also come up with real life examples showcasing how other companies do it.

So, what are your plans to go to the cloud? Tell us, and we’ll help you get them implemented.

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