One cloud solution is not the other

15 June 2020

The time that you stored all your data on a server within the company walls has long been behind us. More and more often, we store data in the cloud or even move entire workloads to the cloud. Cloud, hybrid cloud, multicloud,… these are just a few terms that the specialized media have been using in their texts for a few years. Cloud service providers are also juggling with it. And despite all this attention, less than 3% of all data is in the cloud. How did that happen... Read more

The digital industry in turbulent corona times: Robust and Critical?

31 March 2020

We find ourselves in turbulent times. This week, we moved into the 3rd week of “working differently”. Despite the imposed restrictions, the technology sector is doing very well in Belgium. Due to the digital nature of our work, 92% of employees continue to work and technical unemployment can be kept to a minimum. Agoria reports a 7% rate of temporary unemployment in the digital and telecom industries. Kudos to everyone. Read more

LCL, connectivity Belgium

22 October 2019

We love web shops, we admire self-driving cars and want the emergency services to work with drones for the first impressions of an accident. The importance of connectivity in our daily lives is becoming extremely high. Read more

External data centers and hybrid IT environments are on the rise

9 October 2019

Hybrid environments are gaining popularity today. Sometimes the link is made to a declining success of external data centers. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to a study by Uptime Institute ('19), the need for data center capacity, both on-and off-premise, is increasing in almost half of the companies surveyed. Furthermore, the study "predicts a fundamental, structural evolution towards the increasing use... Read more

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