Comatose servers: things will get worse before they get better

20 September 2016

Thirty percent of servers around the world are doing nothing at all. They are switched on, ready for service, and actively draw power and consume resources such as cooling, yet no-one would notice if someone decided to turn them off. Read more

The Internet of Things and the impact on IT systems and connectivity

26 May 2016

Slowly but surely, organisations are now starting to experiment with the Internet of Things (IoT). How will this impact IT systems and connectivity? Read more

Are our governments awake because of the security of their data?

4 March 2016

The banking system in Belgium has understood the message. At the end of 2015, the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) sent a circular to all Belgian financial institutions with guidelines for their operational business continuity and data security. Who would not want his hard-earned money to be safe? Read more

The Google wake-up call

20 August 2015

Despite common sense, companies still purchase cloud services online with a credit card. Google has done a great branding job – people confide in them because they really want to believe that such a big name is probably amongst the best you can get. Well, it isn’t, so everybody now knows. Read more
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