Customer case: Citymesh

15 September 2020

Citymesh is a West-Flemish telecom operator, specialized in the development of large-scale wireless networks and focused on the B2B market. Among other things, the company provides WiFi networks in holiday parks, in cities or at events and also collects information about users. For example about when and why they use the networks.
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Opportunities and challenges in the accelerated digitization of business processes

15 September 2020

In March, the world was turned upside down from the moment the COVID-19 pandemic hit the headlines. The new situation took many organisations by surprise: the digital transformation, which had frequently been on the agenda for some time, now suddenly became a top priority, with connectivity one of the most important considerations. All the more so because making the right choice in the area of connectivity delivers lasting... Read more

Allocating 5G spectrum according to the commitment to local investment

15 September 2020

5g, data
There's a recession looming. There are estimates that 250,000 people are at risk of losing their jobs. 5G could be the economic leverage we need. We are talking about the real 5G, and not the so-called 'light' version which is not 5G at all. Moreover, the installation of 5G networks entails investments in the digital economy. This is more important than ever. I would like to call on the government to use the speed of deployment of 5G and the rapid roll-out of fibre optic networks... Read more

Why would a data center promote the cloud?

31 August 2020

The short answer is that we promote ‘the cloud’ because: 1/ at LCL Data Centers, our ambition is to contribute to making you as successful as can be. The performance of your IT infrastructure is key to your business success. And: 2/ we offer you the best possible deal when it comes to connecting you to ‘the cloud’ in all its formats.
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