Cost comparison inhouse versus outsourced

4 December 2014

Is outsourcing the new norm in the land of data centers? Read more


13 October 2014

What to do to avoid total darkness

The government’s plan to shut down parts of the electricity supply temporarily during harsh wintry conditions is likely to have a major impact on businesses – just try working in industrial premises with no lighting. Employees will have to find new ways to maintain internal and external communications, and I will not even mention the impact on the main day-to-day operations of the business or what should be done if all the... Read more

Ten reasons why you should consider outsourcing your datacenter

4 June 2013

A data centre, even a small one, is a huge investment for any organisation. It would therefore be a logical choice for most companies to opt for an external data centre. And yet there are countless organisations that still prefer to keep their data and applications within their company walls. Read more
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