Your data center. Reliable. Available. Connected.

Your business continuity is our priority. As the reliable partner in state-of-the-art Tier 3 data center facilities, we highly invest in our systems and their maintenance to provide the secure environment in which you can house and run your business IT equipment, without interruption.
Power outages, lightning strikes, fires, insufficient cooling, security breaches, ... these are all factors that can affect your digital processes and interrupt your business continuity for a shorter or longer period ... which always negatively affects the balance sheet of your company. At LCL we protect your equipment against these factors, so you do not have to worry and you can focus on the core of your business.
Reliable. Available. Connected. That's what we stand for.

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5G-spectrum toewijzen in functie van het engagement voor lokale investeringen

Er dreigt een recessie. Er zijn schattingen dat 250 000 mensen hun job dreigen te verliezen. 5G kan de economische hefboom zijn die we nodig hebben. We hebben het dan weliswaar over de echte 5G, en niet over de zogenaamde ‘light’ versie die helemaal geen 5G is. De installatie van 5G-netwerken brengt bovendien investeringen in de digitale economie met zich mee. Deze is belangrijker dan ooit. Ik roep de overheid graag op om als criterium voor toewijzing de snelheid van uitbouw van 5G en de snelle uitrol van glasvezelnetten te hanteren. Wijs de operatoren het gevraagde spectrum toe op basis van wie het mooiste voorstel doet: hoe meer ze investeren hoe meer radiofrequenties. Als de mobiele operatoren gaan voor leveranciers van basisstations die ook economische activiteiten in België gaan realiseren, is de cirkel rond.

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Une solution cloud n'est pas l'autre

Le temps que vous avez stocké toutes vos données sur un serveur dans les murs de l'entreprise est depuis longtemps derrière nous. De plus en plus souvent, nous stockons des données dans le cloud ou même déplaçons des charges de travail entières vers le cloud. Cloud, cloud hybride, multicloud,… ce ne sont là que quelques termes que les médias spécialisés utilisent dans leurs textes depuis quelques années. Les fournisseurs de services cloud y jonglent également. Et malgré toute cette attention, moins de 3% de toutes les données sont dans le cloud. Comment est-ce arrivé? Où est le "cloud"? Et pourquoi le cloud ne devrait-il pas être une étape insurmontable pour vous si vous savez ce dont vous avez besoin et que vous le planifiez bien? Nous expliquerons cela en détail dans ce blog et les suivants.

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Your ICT infrastructure Your data, together with your physical ICT infrastructure, forms the basis of your digital business processes. These are crucial for your company to function optimally. And they are safe at LCL, because it is our expertise to guarantee business continuity. Not only do we protect them against power outages, fire, water or other natural phenomena, we also place them under lock and key. But you do have 24/7 access to your infrastructure; only you and your employees who want to give you access. Like they would be at your office, but better protected.
Electricity Your business continuity is what we focus on. And we guarantee this at all times thanks to, among other things, our state-of-the-art electrical installations. Our 3 data centers guarantee you a permanent power supply; the emergency generator and UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with batteries even shut down a millisecond power cut. Providing redundancy with power is called that in the technical terminology.
Cooling A fresh breeze through your IT installation to ensure that your equipment stays at the optimum temperature. LCL provides a constant temperature thanks to the air conditioning cabinets with separate cooling water circuits and the perforated floor tiles that ensure the even distribution of the cooled air. And of course we cool as energy-efficient as possible thanks to permanent monitoring by our HVAC specialist.
Fire and water Smoke detectors ensure permanent fire detection, both on the ceiling and under the raised floor. It has never happened to us as a fire. Should a fire ever occur, we will immediately nip it in the bud. We extinguish a special gas - harmless to people and the environment - that removes oxygen from the air and reduces the temperature. We have also invested in a flawless leak detection system. Every presence of water is immediately localized, and of course also removed.
Physical security Data and digital processes are 'the new gold' of companies. You would not want something to be lost due to a power outage. But you certainly do not want unauthorized persons to be able to physically meet your crucial data. That is why LCL is also strongly committed to physical security: access control, camera surveillance and continuous monitoring. Consider our datacenter as a safe: only you decide who has access to your infrastructure. Your servers are safer at LCL than at your own business park. Another advantage of having them with us is that outsiders do not know where they are.
Meet-me-room The beating heart of our datacenter when it comes to connectivity. Via the meet-me-rooms we connect your IT systems with your business processes, with your customers or with other parties. Connectivity and interconnectivity are keywords here. We also offer redundancy in this area, of course. Some 40 telecom operators come together in our meet-me-rooms. This way you can also choose broadly through which telecom operator connects your data.