LCL has refocused its strategy over the past four years. The mission, vision, values; everything has been taken care of. We are now reaping the benefits of this. We have recently become the proud owner of ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 is the recognised worldwide benchmark for transparency, reliability and quality. With this certification, LCL is equipped to set up and implement an effective quality management system by optimising the processes surrounding complaint handling and risk & process management. Our customers will benefit fully from this. 

For our customers

Obtaining this certificate is fully in line with our Customer Intimacy strategy. We want to know what is important to our existing and prospective customers. Regular surveys are therefore important, as is transparency in our communications. With ISO 9001 certification, we are not only able to guarantee that our customers are getting the best quality; we are also working continuously to improve the processes that enhance customer satisfaction. Only then can we deliver the customisation they need.

Certification is, moreover, regarded as an indicator of our company's reliability and quality. It is awarded after an evaluation of risk & process management and complaints handling, among other things.

For ourselves

LCL recognises that customers are increasingly seeking additional reassurance in the form of certification when selecting a data center. With the ISO 9001 certification, we are therefore readying ourselves for this growing demand. This next step is fully in line with the customer-oriented path that we have pursued in recent years and with the direction we want to take in the future. We want to remain forward-looking and become the industry benchmark.

Difference between ISO and ISAE

In addition to ISO 9001, LCL has also been awarded ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 certification. We also have ISAE 3000 and ISAE 3402 certification under our belt. While the ISO certification provides a framework within which we continue to strive for improvement, we can use the ISAE reports to learn where there remain areas for improvement. Because we believe in the importance of keeping moving forward, we will continue to invest in the future by obtaining additional ISO and ISAE standards.

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