In the rapidly evolving world of technology, everyone seems to be talking about media ecosystems. However, it has been a central aspect of LCL's vision for a long while. The difference with others is that we don't use it as a marketing buzzword. Instead, LCL is setting up a genuinely independent media ecosystem that can lift our clients' operations to a new level.

So what is a media ecosystem? This concept entails a comprehensive environment that combines various media-related services, technologies, and expertise under one roof. For example, it can enable broadcasters and media companies to access a wide range of cloud-based solutions, collaborate with industry-specific partners, and efficiently manage their operations without requiring extensive infrastructure investments.

A key importance here is having the right professionals who understand specific sectors and segments. It requires a solid technical background to comprehend the needs of those industries. Within one particular segment, there must be people who can speak the language of both technologies and understand the requirements of the professionals in that field.

LCL goes the extra mile.

LCL actively participates in sector discussions, such as talk shows and panel discussions – like our Round Table on Kanaal Z recently, to give you an example. LCL addresses the challenges faced by different sectors and proposes tangible solutions. However, what truly sets LCL apart is that they have experienced experts from those specific industries in-house.

To fully grasp the benefits of a media ecosystem, it’s crucial to understand the pain points broadcast and media companies face. With an ecosystem and cloud solutions, broadcasters can quickly turn services on or off without investing in physical equipment or integrating complex workflows. Within such an ecosystem at LCL, broadcasters can choose from a variety of 60 different cloud providers. For instance, it’s possible to activate encoding and transcoding services for a live event over a weekend and switch them off afterwards. It’s also possible to widen the scope. For example, if you require security solutions, many different providers offer cloud-based security. Get it?

And the best part of it all? LCL doesn't just offer this wide range of services; we play an active advisory role. Our sector experts remain neutral, but can provide targeted assistance by connecting clients with the right partners within the ecosystem. For example, LCL is able to provide a dedicated hub where broadcasters can ask questions, and where LCL can facilitate enquiries with the appropriate partners. Additionally, being physically present within the data center allows LCL to move from one rack to another, offering immediate support.

Robert van Beurden
Robert van Beurden - Media Expert & Business Developer, LCL

Collaboration is a must.

Recently, Flemish Minister of Media Benjamin Dalle urged media companies to join forces and work together more efficiently. This has become a crucial necessity for our local companies. Otherwise, the entire Belgian media landscape risks being overwhelmed by competitors like Netflix and Alibaba. In this regard, LCL is proactive and facilitating in helping companies explore joint server acquisitions so everyone benefits. LCL wants to act as a trusted advisor, a neutral entity that brings parties together and guides them in the right direction.

"At LCL, we do this by bringing segment-specific expertise to the table,” says Robert Van Beurden, Business Developer at LCL. “Our sales team at LCL is strategically organized, with each member specializing in different industry segments. This approach allows us to efficiently address industry-specific inquiries by directing them to the expert in that field. For instance, drawing from my extensive background in streaming, I possess a thorough understanding of the media landscape, which enables me to skillfully handle enquiries from broadcasters or media companies. I can also advise them in choosing the right provider for media hosting or recommend another for security.”

All in all, a reliable media ecosystem is essential in today's technology-driven world. That is why LCL Data Centers wants to stand out by setting up a genuinely independent media ecosystem. In this way, they want to provide a comprehensive range of services, industry expertise, and personalized advisory support to broadcasters and media companies. LCL is committed to elevating their operations and facilitating collaboration within the media landscape, ensuring they thrive in a dynamic and competitive industry.

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