Proact, Europe’s leading independent data center infrastructure integrator and cloud services enabler, has launched CLOUD-IO, a new hybrid cloud-based solution. LCL is the housing partner for this new platform.

Proact is convinced that the future is hybrid. Together with Microsoft and Netapp, this system integrator set up a hybrid cloud-based solution that is cost-effective and flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market.

Companies can use CLOUD-IO in many ways: to expand the capacity of the data center, for disaster recovery and back-up, to set up a secure test and development environment, or to absorb peak loads. CLOUD-IO allows processing capacity to be turned on in an instant, resulting in a faster time to market.

In this partnership, Microsoft Azure offers an affordable way to enable computer capacity to grow in line with increasing demands from companies. This allows clients to respond rapidly to business opportunities and grow dynamically without devoting large amounts of capital. CLOUD-IO runs on NetApp’s universal data management platform.

“CLOUD-IO responds to a number of the needs of Belgian decision-makers, particularly when it comes to the location of data,” Jan Barbier, Managing Director of Proact Belgium, explained. “With regard to the hosting of this platform, we are working with LCL, Eurofiber and Spot IT. This provides Belgian CIOs with a guarantee that the application data will remain within Belgian territory at all times.”

The benefits of CLOUD-IO at LCL:

  • All application data belonging to customers remains within Belgian territory, even if servers in the Microsoft Azure cloud are used
  • Further use is made of existing investments in data center infrastructure
  • Clients pay for what they use and can increase or reduce capacity flexibly
  • Clients can switch flexibly between the public, private and hybrid clouds
  • A hybrid cloud offers unparalleled possibilities in terms of flexibility and scalability
  • A hybrid cloud-based solution ensures secure connectivity
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