Shattering stereotypes: Joke Bruyninckx's journey as LCL's Critical Infrastructure Manager

In a field predominantly occupied by men, Joke Bruyninckx has emerged as a trailblazer in her role as the Critical Infrastructure Manager at LCL. With a fresh female perspective and a wealth of experience, she is reshaping the narrative and making her mark. Joke and her team form the backbone of our operations, ensuring the seamless procedures of critical installations and facilities while adding a touch of sustainable innovation.

Guiding a team of five, Joke oversees the maintenance and monitoring of crucial installations and facilities. Beyond mere technical upkeep, her domain extends to driving sustainability initiatives within our organisation and towards our partners (f.e, optimising diesel-powered generators for reduced environmental impact). Juggling crisis coordination, proactive and reactive maintenance, and collaboration with the project team, Joke is at the forefront of keeping operations flawless.

Experience and expertise

Joke's journey to LCL has been paved with expertise. A twelve-year tenure at TEM, specialising in technical installations' maintenance, and four years as a technical expert at BNP Paribas focusing on fire safety, fortified her technical foundation. "At TEM, I first encountered the world of data centers, igniting a spark of interest that would eventually flourish here at LCL", Joke explains. "The allure of challenge and innovation drew me irresistibly, and I found my true calling in sustaining and enhancing these critical infrastructures."

Outside the office: a glimpse into Joke's world

Beyond her dynamic professional life, Joke is a person of many facets. She's a devoted fan of strategic board games like Agricola, finding joy in the intricacies, teamwork and planning. Balancing work and family, she shares this love for strategy by hosting frequent game nights with her children. "I have also started horseback riding recently", Joke adds. "I love to learn new skills and expand my horizons."

Inspiring leadership in a thriving environment 

In short, Joke embodies the spirit of inspiring leadership in an ever-evolving landscape. Her unwavering passion and commitment to sustainability and innovation make her an invaluable asset to the LCL team. With a perpetual smile and an attitude that thrives on action, Joke personifies the notion that a Critical Infrastructure Manager's role transcends the conventional 9-to-5, encompassing an integral part in powering the technological world.

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