LCL is growing and has become the largest data center company in Belgium with 35 in-house specialists.

Construction expert Stéphane Mascart is joining the LCL team to help fulfil LCL's ambitious plans in terms of expansion and sustainability.

As Project Manager, he will be responsible for the fourth major expansion of LCL Brussels-West, among other things.  The aim of this project and other expansion measures is to accommodate LCL's solid growth, as well as to further implement the sustainability and ESG strategy (Environmental, Social and Governance). Stéphane: “For our building in Aalst (LCL Brussels-West), I am responsible for the survey and implementation of the fourth expansion. The complex interface between speed and customer intimacy makes this an exciting project: it has to be fast, but it also has to be very good.”


“In addition, we are working hard to ensure that LCL's buildings are future proof in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. I am also involved in smaller sustainability projects, such as installing additional solar panels in Gembloux and refreshing the office spaces in Diegem.”

15 years of experience as an architectural expert

Stéphane has more than 15 years of experience as an architectural expert. As an executive contractor, he managed construction sites and building projects. A challenging job, but also one that is very demanding. “It was not uncommon to work days of 12, or sometimes even up to 14 hours. On top of that, you're constantly called upon to solve problems.”

Work-life balance

“Now that my children are getting older, I'd like to make more time for my family. That’s what brought me to LCL. What really appeals to me is that I can make use of my architectural knowledge here, while the work environment also offers much greater balance and flexibility," says Stéphane.


More input and autonomy

Together with three colleagues, he is responsible for the project management of LCL's construction plans. Stéphane is excited about the role he can play in this. “I'm the first one at LCL with a purely architectural background, so I find that I can give a lot of input. My expertise is highly valued and I am given the opportunity to continue learning. I also have a high degree of autonomy at LCL. I like the fact that I am not controlled by hours and that I can work at the location I want. What I also appreciate is that at the end of the day I can close my laptop and the workday really is over.”

Comfort and vitality at LCL

Stéphane looks back positively on his first month at LCL. “What struck me immediately is how much LCL invests in comfort and atmosphere. A high level of attention is paid to all the buildings to make them pleasant to be in. Furthermore, vitality on the work floor is actively promoted by HR, which also helps to ensure a great workplace.”

Musical talent
After work, he likes to spend his free time with his family or playing sports. He also enjoys devoting time to his musical hobby. Indeed, Stéphane is not only an architectural talent, but also a musical one. “I play in several brass bands and harmony ensembles as a trumpet player. I really used to enjoy playing and, after a break of over 20 years, I recently picked it up again. Although it took some getting used to again, it came back quite quickly really with all the rehearsals. And of course, the conviviality of the drinks afterwards also makes it a lot of fun to do.”

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