Are you looking for a way to find the time and money you need to boost your core activities? We can help! All you have to do is put part of the daily management of your equipment in our data centers in the capable hands of our technicians.

LCL places a premium on delivering customer service excellence, which is why its services not only save you time, they save you money as well. After all, you can't always be on site at our LCL data centers. That is why our technical engineers can really help. Our support services can provide you all the assistance you need, whenever you need it. All it takes is one e-mail or telephone call, and our skilled operators will immediately swing into action!

Here are just a few of our extra services:

  • The Hands & Eyes service means you no longer have to waste valuable time carrying out minor procedures in our data centers yourself. This service enables you to remotely implement a range of technical activities for your equipment. Our engineers will act as your hands and eyes in the data center. On your request, they can take over designated aspects of the daily management and maintenance of your devices. This varies from telephone reports of a visual inspection of the equipment and checking cable connections, to more complex interventions.
  • You can also entrust us with the management of your back-up tapes with our Tape Vaulting service. All your data will be backed up daily and stored with the greatest of care. You can leave all the changing of back-up tapes to the experts of LCL as well. This means you will never have to worry about losing your data ever again.
  • Or perhaps you have old servers and obsolete equipment? Just let us know, and we will arrange a container for you at your LCL data center. Our recycling partners take care of all the hardware dismantling and extraction of precious metals! Any proceeds from the recycling of old appliances are donated to charity.
  • Do you have a hard drive that’s no longer working properly? Instead of just throwing it away with the trash, ask us to shred and delete all the data on the drive first. This way you avoid possible abuse when the drive falls into the wrong hands. You will receive a certificate from us to show that the hard drive was empty, and thus safe to dispose of.
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