With the recent takeover of Inteliquent’s data business, previously known under the name Tinet, GT-T is destined to become a long-term dependable partner of LCL. GT-T already delivers services to the clients of LCL at its three data centres.

GT-T is able to provide outstanding reach anywhere in the world. Access to their Juniper network can be established at over 200 POPs in more than 85 countries. GT-T is an ideal partner for both public internet access and private networks used for mission-critical applications.

GT-T’s IP Transit and Layer 2 Ethernet/MPLS services are amongst the most robust and resilient anywhere in the world. In fact, according to several independent rankings (including Renesys), GT-T is one of the top-5 global IP backbone providers.

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NL-ix has continued to increase the number of locations and services, which has resulted in new record highs in traffic volume.

NL-ix is the longest-serving partner of AMS-IX for remote-IX services. As of now, the company is also a partner for LINX in London. NL-ix specialises in the delivery of remote-IX services of partner Internet Exchanges. As of this month, NL-ix is also a LINX partner. This means the more than 350 networks connected with NL-ix can also use LINX for peering, without hiring a rack or installing equipment in London. Three of the top-5 Internet Exchanges can be accessed via an NL-ix port at any of the 60 POP’s: LINX, AMS-IX, and NL-ix, together with more than 1000 unique peers.

To boost the connectivity of the NL-ix network and the Eurouting partial transit service, new links have been established with several IX networks: DE-CIX and ECIX in Germany, LU-CIX in Luxembourg, France-IX in France, and LONAP in the United Kingdom.
The increase in the number of POPs and services has led to new, sustained, record highs in the traffic volume handled by NL-ix. In May of this year, peak traffic volume exceeded 300Gbit/s. This represented a doubling of traffic volume within only 16 months, and means traffic volume via NL-ix is the fasted-growing in Europe.

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Viatel, which already has a presence in the LCL data centres in Diegem and Antwerp, is one of the few carriers in Europe that provide backbone and metro dark fibre services together with wavelengths of up to 100G, Ethernet Private Line and Virtual Private Line, and SDH.
Following its merger with the Digiweb Group, Viatel is now also able to provide dark fibre, capacity services, and colocation facilities in metro Dublin.
Viatel offers fibre-optic and capacity services at more than 100 POP’s throughout Europe, connecting all the major neutral data centres and Internet Exchanges.

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